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When looking for affordable cosmetic surgery abroad or at home, be wary of extremely cheap cosmetic surgery. True, a healthy competition in this industry always makes it possible for prices to go low but not to such an extent that even cheapskates will have a hard time believing. If you feel like there’s a catch somewhere, look out because there just might be.

Here are some things to look out for to avoid not only wasting your money but jeopardizing your looks and health as well:

1. Check out the average cost of the cosmetic procedure within the region.

It is undeniable that cheap cosmetic surgery in certain countries is indeed less than half the price of similar surgery in the US or UK. However, this fact alone should not be your only basis of comparison. Research the average price within the region; prices may vary but usually only by 1-20%. If the procedure is a lot less than the average, it may not be worth it. You may be only paying for the price of the knife, the phony surgeon, and nothing else.

2. Ensure that your surgeon is highly qualified and trained to do the job.

Find out the training requirements and experience necessary before a surgeon is certified in the region you are considering. If it is easy to get certification, that is a big red flag. Also, it is important to know how many similar procedures the surgeon has performed, the average success rate, and average failure rate. If complications are a constant feature in this surgeon’s portfolio, then it’s time to start walking away and don’t dare look back.

3. Obsolete equipment and lack of emergency facilities are a big No.

Check out how the procedures will be done and what equipment will be utilized in the operation. If the procedure, equipment, and facilities make you think you are living in the 1980s, then it’s not a good idea to proceed with the cheap cosmetic surgery offered. There is a reason why these procedures are no longer used, so spare yourself from the nightmare of it.

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