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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Why are more and more people choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad? For those who are concerned about the quality of procedures overseas and the level of technology available in foreign countries, you may be surprised to know that cosmetic surgery overseas is at par, if not better in some cases, than those offered in your home country.

Here are just some of the reasons why cosmetic surgery abroad gets a significant chunk of the cosmetic surgery market:

Affordable and cost effective. It is a fact that cosmetic procedures overseas are considerably less expensive than those same procedures in your home country. The savings that can be earned from these procedures range from 30% to as high as 80%, and that is already inclusive of airfare, hotel, food and other expenses. Due to the unbelievably cheaper costs of cosmetic surgery abroad, it is easy to think that the quality offered is much less than what westerners are accustomed to. This notion is not only misplaced, it is also entirely erroneous. Surgeries abroad are cheaper because many of the factors that contribute to the cost of surgery – labor cost, insurance, administration, real estate, taxes – are much lower than in the US or UK.

Expert surgeons and top of the line technology. Most cosmetic surgeons abroad offering services to international clientele are educated, trained, and certified in western countries such as the UK and the US. This is one reason they are high in demand. They offer the same level of expertise as their western counterparts at a much cheaper cost! Even the equipment and technology used in cosmetic procedures are basically the same as those utilized in western countries.

However, one of the most obvious drawbacks is the long term aftercare. If you think about it, it shouldn’t be a problem if you have chosen an excellent cosmetic surgeon and a technologically advanced cosmetic hospital or clinic. Aftercare consultations and medical exams can always be done in your home country with your trusted doctor.

For those planning to have cosmetic surgery done overseas, conduct your research and choose wisely. Make sure that all factors that you would place into consideration when choosing a cosmetic surgeon and clinic at home will be the exact same considerations that you will be utilizing for cosmetic surgery abroad.

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