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Who doesn’t want a well sculpted tummy? A flat tummy at least (if not the much desired six packs) is a must for those lazy afternoons by the beach or the pool. It is also crucial for figure flaunting and to die for clothes that are just perfect whether on formal occasions or shirt and jeans weekends. Unfortunately, achieving that flat abdomen is just too difficult, if not almost impossible for most of us. Thankfully, there is cosmetic surgery – tummy tuck is what they call it.

What is a tummy tuck?

A cosmetic surgery tummy tuck is a medical procedure formally known as abdominoplasty. It basically involves the sculpting and toning of abdominal areas of the patient. This is done by the surgeon manually through the tightening of the abdominal muscles (located on the abdominal wall) by suturing or sewing them together and into place. Thereafter, the surgeon then removes the excess skin by cutting it off and stitching the remaining skin back together. This, then, creates a flatter surface and a firmer feel to the abdomen. Depending on the patient’s need, this procedure can also be combined with liposuction and body lift procedures for better results.

Who are the candidates for this procedure?

Cosmetic surgery tummy tuck is a procedure perfect for those who have been trying but have never quite achieved the toned and sculpted abdomens that they desire despite healthy diet and exercise. This procedure is also perfect for women whose figures are no longer the same after pregnancy. A tummy tuck will take care of damaged muscle tissues and skin brought about by the over-stretching of the abdomen typical of pregnancies.

Risks and Recovery

Like any other cosmetic surgery, tummy tuck is also vulnerable to the same risks of infections and bleeding. However, the occurrence of these risks is rare and the already low probability is even decreased, if not eliminated, by highly qualified surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures. During the recovery period, expect to contend with a few days to a week or two of swelling and bruising. However, once the healing period is over, you can wear whatever clothes you want and you can freely flaunt the dramatic changes in your abdominal areas.

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