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When it comes to cosmetic surgery abroad, the most common countries that come to mind in Southeast Asia are Bangkok, Singapore and Korea. However, unbeknownst to many, plastic surgery cost in the Philippines is just as affordable and you can get the same quality of surgeons you have at home.

Plastic surgery cost in the Philippines is competitive, if not more inexpensive, than its neighboring countries. Many of the cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines graduated and trained from well respected universities and hospitals, respectively, in the US and the UK. Thus, you can expect the same western quality of expertise, experience and care. You also don’t have to worry about being lost in translation since English is widely spoken in the Philippines and you can be more than certain that your surgeon and the medical staff are all fluent in English.

To give you an idea on how big a savings you can get from doing your procedure in the Philippines, here is a cost comparison between surgeon’s fees from both the Philippines and the US according to several sources:


Surgeon’s Fee in US Dollars

In the US

In the Philippines

Blepharoplasty (eyelid)



Botox Injection



Breast Augmentation

6,000 – 8,000

2,500 – 4,350

Buttock Lift



Cheek Implant



Chin Augmentation



Ear Surgery



Face and Neck Lift



Liposuction (1st area)

2,500 – 4,500


Liposuction (succeeding areas)



Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

3,000 – 6,000

400 – 1,500

Plastic surgery cost in the Philippines is even made much cheaper by the favorable exchange rate of 1 USD = 48-49 PHP. Accommodation is also cheaper in this part of Asia; you can get a 5 star hotel room for less than 100 USD, 3-4 star hotel rooms are even much cheaper and can be found for less than 60 USD. Regular airfares to the Philippines from major US cities range from 900-1300 USD for a round trip, but if you plan your cosmetic surgery trip in advance, you may be able to find better deals on airfare.

Now that you’ve seen the data, you know that plastic surgery cost in the Philippines is considerably much less than in the western world. Along with the other benefits mentioned, this fact should put the Philippines as one of your primary options before making your choice. Check online now to discover what is available and find out what best fits your needs and preferences.

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