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What exactly do we mean by reconstructive cosmetic surgery? Before we answer that question, let’s look at some scenarios that can happen to anyone. Without warning, illnesses and accidents can have debilitating effects to the physiological processes and physical appearance of the body. After the body has healed, one still has to contend with the effects of a disfigured appearance. This is why the resulting deformity or disfigurement of the body has a more lasting influence on the emotional and psychological well being of the individual.

Fortunately, the advances of science and technology make it possible for individuals to reclaim their lives. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery, broadly speaking, is a medical procedure that uses surgery to restore the appearance, form, and function of a particular part of the body disfigured by disease, accident, or caused by a birth defect.

Although there are also reconstructive procedures that are performed on the internal parts of the body such as the reconstruction of joints, repair of tendons, and straightening angulated bones, reconstructive cosmetic surgery is directed towards the restoration and improvement of the appearance of a particular part of the body. That is why a majority of patients going through this surgery are those who have undergone mastectomy, burn victims, and other traumatic injuries, as well as, those suffering birth defects such as cleft lip or palate.

The complexity of the procedure depends on the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired. It can be as simple as a primary closure or sutures and dressings or it can be as complex as to involve skin grafting and tissue expansion. This makes prior consultations, whether actual or through photo detailing, crucial in determining the extent of the operation, what it entails, and the expected recovery period.

The importance of this type of surgery is priceless beyond compare. Studies show that a majority of individuals who have gone through reconstructive surgery show dramatic improvements in their psycho-social well-being. They tend to be more confident about themselves and their relationships with others also improve remarkably.

Unlike elective cosmetic surgery, where the procedure is done mostly for aesthetic purposes, most reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedures are covered by health insurance. Thus, whether you are doing your cosmetic surgery abroad or in your home country, ensure that the procedure is covered by your health insurance for your protection.

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